Support from Comedy Studies

One of the founding principles of Mixed Bill is to provoke further consideration of comedy and gender, both in relation to current comic forms and in order to reclaim and celebrate the hidden histories of under-acknowledged figures. Therefore, we are thrilled that our first event, which looks specifically at women and comedy, will be supported by Comedy Studies Journal.

comedy studies

Statement from Comedy Studies

‘The comic is merely an umbrella underneath which all other
disciplines can be accommodated.’

In conjunction with Mixed Bill’s Comedy and Gender Research Network’s ‘Women and Comedy’ symposium at the University of Salford on Thursday 19th October 2017, Comedy Studies journal intends to publish a selection of the proceedings of the symposium. All participants and contributors are welcome to submit papers, articles, book reviews, interviews, interventions, provocations, records of workshops or accounts of panel discussions to this special issue.

Comedy Studies is the only globally accessible journal that provides a forum for research in comedy studies, and its relation to other disciplines. Comedy Studies is a dynamic, innovative academic journal that discusses all aspects of comedy.

Please contact for advice on inclusion in the journal.